Bloodstock Investments

  • Our focus is to identify value in the market and concentrate on using that value to our advantage in buying low and selling high.


  • Your investment will be spread over usually 8-10 horses per cycle. This allows us to diversify into different segments of the market and spread the risk.


  • You will be on an unmatched journey over approximately 14 months. We plan farm and track visits, multiple investor events, and a year-end investor summit. You are updated weekly on progress with notes, pictures and video. With us your family.

What Separates Us

  • Taylor Made has a team that has more resources available to them than any other organization in the industry. The goal is to increase our odds at every turn. Those resources make success possible.


  • Bloodstock Investments uses the wealth of experience and knowledge that our team has in buying and selling bloodstock, we pivot, based on market conditions, to find the best value and focus our investments there.